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Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)

Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)
Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)
Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)

Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)   Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)

Wilson Clash V2 98 310g Pro. Please check my stock, many pro racket available in good prices &####128077;&####128522;&####127934. One of the best frames released by Wilson so far. Recommended to everyone who suffered with elbow, wrist or shoulder injury /discomfort.

Wilson Clash 98 Pro V2.0 Equipped with the smallest head size in the Clash v2 lineup for premium precision, the Clash 98 v2 marries salivating design with supreme performance for more advanced players. FORTYFIVE, a patent-protected carbon construction, teams up with a revised layup at the tip of the hoop to create incredible flex and stability alongside a larger sweet spot.

Players who prefer more head-light feel will love the extra weight in the handle for additional control over the racket head, while the substantial weight of the racket delivers excellent plow-through and depth from all over the court. All-new design sports embossed Clash logo on throat within a rich, anodized elastic finish for a memorable look.

Now, in 2022, the Wilson Clash 98 v2 seeks to build upon the frames early success, and Im excited to share my thoughts. From my thoughts on the new design to its on-court performance, this review will help players decide if its worth considering and whether or not to upgrade. Heres a look at the first generation of the Wilson Clash 98. Although the prior generations styling didnt turn me off, it wasnt my favorite. Not necessarily the colors, but the design template that Wilson was using across their entire line of racquets. Roughly speaking, the only change from one racquet to the next was the pop of color at the top of the hoop and for the logo, which for the Wilson Clash 98 v1 was a neon infrared. However, starting with the Wilson Blade v8, Wilson has gone in a different direction with its design selection, and the Wilson Clash v2 is no exception. The latest generation receives a complete overhaul with a deep matte red and black that looks fantastic, despite red not being my favorite.

Although the frames red color is matte, it has a soft sheen. Like the prior matte finish of the original model, the paint has a subtle rubber-like texture thats grippy and feels great in hand.

Wilson refers to it as an anodized elastic finish. On the inside edge of the racquets head, youll find the frames specs, including its stiffness index, which is a nice touch.

Although common, Wilson had removed these from many of their racquets, so Im glad to see that theyve reintroduced them. Additional design elements include the Wilson logo, which wraps one edge of the throat and below it the racquets model, head size, string pattern, and stiffness index.

On the opposite side of the throat, a debossed Clash logo gives the frame a bit of texture and unique touch. I think this is my favorite new design touch that you rarely see on other racquets. At the top of the frames hoop, youll find its FortyFive technology called in silver a nice clean callout. Finally, the racquet features a red butt cap with a black Wilson logo. My only gripe with it is that they didnt print the grip size on the outside of the cap.

However, I did confirm its printed on the inside if you pop the trap door off. I strung the Wilson Clash 98 v2 with 17 gauge 1.25 mm Luxilon ALU Power at 55 lbs (24.95 kg) for my playtest, which is dead center between Wilson recommended tensionof 50 60 lbs (22.68- 27.22 kg). Although the racquet is a comfort-oriented frame, the 98 in model caters to intermediate and advanced players who value precision. As a result, a stifferpolyester tennis stringlike ALU Power is an excellent pair for those value control and spin on top of the frames comfort. However, with that said, if comfort is a higher priority for you, then you might opt for a softer poly or ahybrid string setup.

A poly with amultifilamentornatural gutstring would be an excellent option. Performance & Ratings When reading a review or viewing playtest notes from other individuals, I always find it helpful to have as much background info on the player, which helps add color to their comments. To that end, heres a bit more about my playtest setup for the Wilson Clash 98 v2.

Main Strings Luxilon ALU Power (1.25 mm). Cross StringsLuxilon ALU POwer (1.25 mm).

Mains Tension55 lbs / 24.95 kg. Crosses Tension55 lbs / 24.95 kg. Weight 165 lbs / 74.84 kg. Height 60 / 1.83m. I considered twelve different performance criteria to evaluate this racquet and rated its results according to my direct on-court experience.

I describe why I gave the Wilson Clash 98 v2 the above scores in the following sections. Groundstrokes I thought the Wilson Clash 98 v2 delivered a well-rounded performance at the baseline. The racquet provided me with a controlled and mostly stable response by combining its 98 in (632 cm) head size, a tighter 16/20 string pattern, and moderate 10.9 oz (310 g) unstrung weight. Although some players will undoubtedly wish this frame had a bit more weight, I think its right on target because it feels solid without being too heavy, which lowers the barrier to entry for intermediate players. Plus, its easy enough tocustomise the racketfor a bit of added weight, and the higher-level players who desire it will likely be open to making changes. I found the Wilson Clash 98 v2 to have moderate power, which will not overwhelm players and kept me in the drivers seat to rely more on my strength and technique when I wanted to go for bigger shots. Theres plenty of topspin on tap, especially with quality poly like Alu Power, but I found its tighter 16/20 string pattern to stiffen up the string bed resulting in flatter shots and added depth. Smaller headsize caters to advanced players looking for superior precision FORTYFIVE comprises a patent-protected carbon construction that creates maximum flexibility and stability at impact for an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel. Revised construction at tip of hoop supplies additional consistency and an enhanced sweet spot Innovative design features embossed Clash logo along throat and an anodized infrared finish for a clean, rich look on the court Horizontal Bending creates industry-leading flexibility for increased control on horizontal, traditional swings.

Vertical Bending increases dwell time for players with vertical, modern swings Torsional Bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize the extreme flexibility on off-center hits Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommet and end cap components reduce environmental footprint. Sub product type Tour racket. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Tennis\Rackets". The seller is "westbam200173" and is located in this country: GB.

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Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)   Wilson Clash Pro 98 v2 310g Grip 3 (ad 71A)